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Potrzebujesz pomocy w jednym z questów lub szukasz zespołu? Sprawdź nasze forum! Lista questów dostępnych w Bloodstone jest widoczna poniżej.

NazwaPoziomPotrzebne przedmiotyVIPNagroda
The First Quest05x Hare Meat, 5x Sting, 5x Vial of Poison, 7x Bat Wing, 8x Wormib SkinNiewymagany1351 EXP, 150 gp, 210x Band Aid, 15x Small Mana Elixir, 10x Small Life Elixir, 1x Rękawice (3 level), 1x Bransolety (3 level), 1x Buty (5 levell), 1x Hełm (6 level)
Recovering well0-Wymagany-
The Goddess Kanmalli0-Niewymagany-
The Journey Begins3Pan, 20x Goblin Nose, 5x Quakan Orb, 20x RagsNiewymagany11900 EXP, 600 gp, 5x Mini Mana Potion, 5x Small Life Potion, 1x Ring of Nature
Time to Clean the Dirt415x Bark of CockroachNiewymagany1430 EXP, 10x Moldy Cheese, 10x Maggot Bood, 1x Avocado
Who Is the Man45x HamNiewymagany400 EXP, 5x Small Life Potion, 5x Small Mana Potion
The Blue Dress530x CobwebNiewymagany800 EXP
The Pink Dress530x CobwebNiewymagany400 gp
Moving Mill's5-Wymagany3000 EXP, 4x Bronze Bar
Voldem's Kitchen58x Chicken Egg, 15x Carrot, 10x Cheese, 3x Beer, 5x Shrimp, 7x Tilapia, 6x Tomato, 5x Steak, 5x Vine Bottle, 8x Champignon, 6x Black BeerWymagany3000 EXP, 2400 gp
Unusual baits513x Rat tailWymagany400 EXP, 5x Small Life Potion, 5x Small Life Elixir
Breaking Rocks in the Path65x Gross Copper, 5x Raw ZincNiewymagany100 EXP
The Donncaster's Harbor6-WymaganyOdblokowanie szybkiej podróży do Donncaster
The Oakendor's Harbor6-WymaganyOdblokowanie szybkiej podróży do Oakendor City
The Ely's Harbor6MacheteWymaganyOdblokowanie szybkiej podróży do Village of Ely
Flowers For the Big Day612x Arum LilyNiewymagany400 EXP, 100 gp
Proteins7100x Insect eggNiewymagany600 EXP, 200 gp, Nogawice (4 level)
Motherly Love7-Niewymagany2100 EXP, Necklace symbol of balance I
A Plague of Beetles8-Niewymagany960 EXP, 400 gp
Delivery from Dillon to Loeturn8-Wymagany1000 EXP, 1500 gp
Puts in the Account of the Paladin8Pan, MacheteNiewymagany2000 EXP, 1800 gp
Creating the Weapons of a Shaman8-NiewymaganyDostęp do Kowadła, 5x Metalic Fragment
Creating the Weapons of a Warrior8-NiewymaganyDostęp do Kowadła, 5x Metalic Fragment
Creating the Weapons of a Barbarian8-NiewymaganyDostęp do Kowadła, 5x Metalic Fragment
Creating the Weapons of an Archer8-NiewymaganyDostęp do Kowadła, 5x Metalic Fragment
Creating the Weapons of a Mage8-NiewymaganyDostęp do Kowadła, 5x Metalic Fragment
Deliveries of the Lord Richter8-Niewymagany800 gp, Necklace of life I
Recovering Books8-Niewymagany2500 EXP, 5000 gp
The Unexpected Muses8-Niewymagany6000 EXP
Delivery of Arlete9-Niewymagany500 gp, 1x Deliverymans Bag.
Collecting history10-Niewymagany-
Goblins Raiders10-Niewymagany1x Ruby, 3x Brass Bar
Avoiding Pests in the Future109x Amalia Flower, 15x Temere Bark, 4x AlevaNiewymagany1250 EXP, 5x Small Life Potion
Help to find my spider10-Niewymagany-
Apprentice Miner11Pan, SledgehammerNiewymagany10x Gross Copper lub 10x Raw Zinc lub 10x Elementary Ore
Jamdak Special Stew125x Arum Lily, 8x Beetle Shell, 10x Craboxer Claw, 15x Poisonous Mushrooms, 2x Maggot BloodNiewymagany2700 EXP, 900 gp, 5x Mead
My Bandages are the Best1212x Goblin Thong, 8x Pot Of Slime, 8x Arum LilyNiewymagany100x Band Aid, możliwość wytwarzania Band Aid
Little Box of Nostalgia12PanNiewymagany1950 EXP, 400 gp
The long journey to the centaurs12-Niewymagany800 EXP, Dostęp do podziemi latarni Boldrika
Chain Mail Material1325x Tough webbingNiewymagany1200 EXP, 8x Small Life Elixir
Deviations in the Bay15-Niewymagany1000 EXP, 250 gp, 4x Apple
Amout Training15-Wymagany1650 EXP, 5x Average Life Potion, 5x Average Mana Potion
Scales of Fashion157x Crocodrill scaleNiewymagany1500 EXP, 500 gp
The Old Curiosity15SledgehammerNiewymagany1x Goat Toy, 1x Abseiling, możliwość kupowania Abseiling u Mirceo
Competition Slaughtering Leg1521x Centipede pawsNiewymagany1200 EXP, 5x Antidote.
My little javaligre15Machete, SledgehammerNiewymagany3200 EXP, 12x Metal Fragment II
Feeding the Headlight1550x Magic Fragment, 1x LampNiewymagany1000 EXP, 500 gp
Skins For the Castle162x Brown Bear SkinNiewymagany1500 EXP
The Honour in the Details16-Niewymagany1750 EXP
Tears in Pearls16-Niewymagany2500 EXP, Necklace of Life II
Adventures of Sands1620x Tree BarkNiewymagany500 gp, dostęp do Porakaa Village
The brooch golden17PanNiewymagany2000 gp, Ring of haste I
Alienated Infiltration172x Tough Wood, 600 gpNiewymagany3500 EXP
Faerie Scroll Quest17Machete, Sledgehammer, 10x Blue Fireflies,
3x Javamute Fang
NiewymaganyFaerie Scroll, możliwość kupowania Faerie Scroll
Knowledge lost18MacheteNiewymagany2400 EXP, 1500 gp
Rice Party18-Niewymagany3500 EXP
Love at First Sight191x Bright Jewelry, 10x Amalia FlowerNiewymagany4000 gp
Is Or Is Not an Insect19-Niewymagany2400 EXP
Who is alive always appears19PanNiewymagany250-600 gp
Diseases in the Herd207x Javamute FangNiewymagany2800 EXP, 2380 gp
Let follow the light20SledgehammerNiewymagany5000 EXP
There is no free lunch20Machete, 5x Tongue of Giant Frog, 4x Slimey Shell, 10x Venex LeafNiewymagany2000 EXP , 1x Arbus Special Dish
Eye Oil23Pan, 15x Eyelord OilNiewymagany1825 EXP, 2x Polishing Stone II
Dangerous Inflitration24Machete, SledgehammerNiewymaganyDostęp do Orc Fortress
Elementary My Dear Warrior25GazuaNiewymagany3150 EXP, 2000 gp, 10x Iron Bar
Milking the danger2710x BucketNiewymagany3400 EXP, 800 gp, 5x Bottle of Milk
Fish Story28Pan, MacheteNiewymagany8000 EXP
Eternal happiness28Pan, 20x Troll Tooth, 1x CordNiewymagany5000 EXP, Mana Regeneration Ring
The award-winning pumpkin28SledgehammerNiewymagany3080 EXP, 200 Band Aid, 10x Avarage Life Potion
A drunk's key has no owner30PanNiewymagany3500 EXP
Whilspe: a Swamp Beyond the Earth30Pan, 5x Cocatriz BeakNiewymaganyDostęp do Whilspe Island
Treasures of a Lazy Old Man32PanNiewymagany3000 EXP, 1x Polishing Stone III, 1x Phoenix Ring Flames
Repelling the problems33-Wymagany10 000 EXP, 30x Steak
The hungry prisoner34Pan, Machete, 2x Lobster, 5x Black Beer, Klucze do lochów DonncasterNiewymagany10 000 EXP
The Missing Son35Klucze do lochów DonncasterNiewymagany10 000 EXP
Fishing in the company35-Niewymagany7500 EXP
The oven hard as Rock3715x Bulette ShellNiewymagany5500 EXP, 900 gp
Leader of the bandits40MacheteNiewymagany10 000 EXP, Ring of Time
Giant seafood fishing40-Niewymagany-
Gathering All the Codices40-NiewymaganySledgehammer
Taking revenge on the tormentor50-Niewymagany-
The old woman of Deahnar Forest50-Niewymagany-
What you can't see50-Niewymagany6100 EXP, Life Scroll
The deliveryman dissapeared50-Niewymagany-
Promises in the Dark60-Niewymagany-
The discovery of a new type of crystal65-Niewymagany-
Drake egg80-Niewymagany20 000 EXP
Evidence of the crime85-Niewymagany-
The great Ritual100-Niewymagany-
The Crown of the Ended150-Niewymagany-